Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joins our nation to recognize the diversity, role and value of carers on April 4 – National Carers Day.

This is an action that many carers and diverse stakeholders across Canada have collectively advocated for over the years. This acknowledgement marks a pivotal step in advancing a national agenda to provide the necessary supports for individuals who take on an unpaid caring role.


Better Home Care: A National Action Plan

Better Home Care: A National Action Plan focuses on the belief that home not hospital or residential care, is one of the best places to recover from an illness or injury, manage long-term conditions and live out final days.

The Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA), the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) and the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) worked together to spearhead this project. Our goal was to recommend ways to enhance home care and respond to the changing health needs of Canadians as well as embrace advances in health technology. Government representatives, health care administrators, family doctors, nurses, home care provider organizations and patients provided their input into the Action Plan. The Action Plan provides a solid foundation for federal, provincial and territorial governments as they continue to discuss home care in the new multi-year Health Accord.

Better Home Care: A National Action Plan clearly shows the way to:

  • Make home care more available and accessible
  • Achieve better health outcomes and quality of care
  • Improve the experiences of individuals receiving health care and support

What matters to Canadians?

Patient- and -Family Centred Accessible Care

I have access to consistent, high-quality patient- and -family centred care so that I can safely stay in my own home.

Sustainable Care

I can get the health care services I need, when I need them, outside of the hospital.

Integrated Care

My health care team works together to help me get the care and support I need outside the hospital.

How can the Federal / Provincial and Territorial Governments Support Home Care in Canada?

Accelerate the identification, adoption and adaptation of integrated, community-based practices that address the needs of individuals with chronic complex needs, including end-of-life care.

Advance the adoption of technology in the home care sector and ensure that home care data are captured in electronic records.

Provide dedicated support and resources to build capacity in the home care sector and facilitate the shift of care delivery from facilities to the home and community.

Increase awareness of the role and value of carers and alleviate the financial burden of being a carer.

Support the creation of national standards for workplace inclusivity/participation of carers.

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Working together to realize a shared goal—to integrate health, support and care seamlessly through the Canadian Health Care continuum.


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