Better Home Care: A National Action Plan is building upon the experience and expertise of government representatives, health care administrators, family doctors, nurses, home care providers, patients and their caregivers. Promising practices and best models from across the country will form the foundation of the discussion and actions. Below is a listing of the strategic documents and reports that are informing the Action Plan.

Press conference to highlight importance of
improving home care now and supporting caregivers

(Jan 26, 2017, Ottawa) 

CNA president Barb Shellian held a press conference in Ottawa to support critical investments in home care that will benefit Canadian patients and families, and conveyed the need for a national approach to home care standards and accountability measures.

“The Better Home Care Plan answers the question, what actions can the federal government lead in collaboration with provinces and territories to increase the value, the quality and the outcomes for people by increasing home care resources?”

Examples of Best Practices for Home Care

The following evidence-informed, innovative practices for home and community care enhance the quality and effectiveness of care and result in improved quality of life for clients and their families.

Connecting Northern and Eastern Ontario Community Expansion
Facilitating seamless service from the patient’s place of residence, to hospital and back home

Home is Best™
Developing an integrated primary and home and community care system

Home First
Maximizing use of investments while creating better outcomes for seniors and reducing ALC

Integrated Client Care Program for Older Adults with Complex Needs
Creating one team to provide seamless care


Working together to realize a shared goal—to integrate health, support and care seamlessly through the Canadian Health Care continuum.


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